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Truxton Academy Charter School will cultivate an enthusiasm for learning through a

project based curriculum that celebrates our rural life, environmental stewardship,

and our agricultural heritage.  Using real world, student centered learning we will

plant a foundation for future academic success.

Our Board of Trustees meets at 7pm on the first Monday of every month at the Truxton Community Center, 6337 Academy Street, Truxton, NY 13158.  All are welcome.

Please contact us any time with questions or feedback about Truxton Academy Charter School.

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Patty Dawson
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Educational Philosophy and Supporting Research

            The Truxton Academy Charter School’s educational philosophy is a combination of Essentialism, Experiential Education, and Constructivism. Essentialism is the traditional approach in which children learn the basic content and practice reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills.[1] Experiential Education combines active learning with concrete experiences and reflection.  John Dewey, the Modern Father of Experiential Education, believed that learning occurs through experience and requires hands-on activities that directly relate to the learner’s life.  “All learning is dependent on the context of place, time, and circumstance.  Teaching methods focus on hands-on activities and projects with students often working in groups.”[2] Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky and other educators advocate Constructivism.  Students are given problems to solve and responsibility within their zones of proximal development. Projects are inspired by student interest and local resources.  Using scaffolding and other specific teaching techniques, teachers guide students’ educational growth within a strong framework of support.[3]

            These three educational philosophies informed the design of TACS’s Educational Plan.  Essentialism supports TACS’s core knowledge curriculum with high academic and assessment standards. Experiential Education and Constructivism support the inclusion of Project-Based Learning, STEM, and the Rural Life Lab in TACS’s approach to teaching and learning. TACS’s Education Plan incorporates: place (living in a rural area), time (young children’s early years when natural curiosity is most evident) and circumstance (having multiple readily available resources to develop and satisfy this curiosity).  TACS’s philosophy and educational plan support our unique mission to plant a strong foundation for future academic success.  Our goal is to “grow” confident, productive, intelligent, caring students into responsible, successful adults.              



[2] Philosophical Perspectives in Education, Part 2.

[3] Ozer, Ozgur.  Constructivism in Piaget and Vygotsky.,Issue 48, 2004.

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