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The NYS Education Department will soon decide on whether to approve the

Truxton Academy Charter School as a new, tuition-free public charter school.

They need to hear from as many people as possible who want to see TACS become a reality.


You can also send your letters of support via email to:


in writing to: Truxton Academy Charter School, PO Box 102, Truxton, NY 13158


We will forward your letters to the appropriate officials.






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The Truxton Academy Charter School will:

  • Attract new families to the area
  • Provide unique key design elements
  • Improve student learning and achievement
  • Create 15 new jobs




The Homer Central School District will benefit from:

  • Increased student enrollment
  • Transitional financial aid
  • Contracts for special education services
  • New professional development opportunities


Grade Levels:   K - 4th grade the first year with additional grades added in successive years.


Key Design Elements:

  • Project-Based Learning provides opportunities for in-depth, authentic, hands-on research with assistance from faculty at Syracuse University, SUNY ESF, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Morrisville, & Cornell Cooperative Extension.  The curriculum will be aligned with the NYS Common Core Standards and improve student learning and achievement.


  • STEM with Agricultural & Environmental Focus includes an on-site Rural Life Lab (greenhouse, chicken coop, animal barn with farm animals) to practice skills and engage in projects.  Each classroom will help care for the Rural Life Lab and partner with an agriculture or forestry business for monthly field trips and projects.  No local elementary school currently offers this opportunity.


  • Spanish Elementary Curriculum for all grade levels and serving local bilingual families.  No local elementary school currently offers Spanish.


  • School Family Culture   Conscious Discipline is a national skill-based classroom management program that creates positive, caring classrooms and a School Family.  It helped Summerfield Elementary School in Riverview, Florida increase its school rating from “D” to “B” and decrease discipline referrals from 189/year to 4/year in the first year.  No elementary school in upstate New York currently utilizes Conscious Discipline.


For more info, visit:


View the 7-minute video:  “Using Agriculture to Spur Achievement – The Walton 21st Century Rural Life Center.”


Where futures are grown!

A new educational opportunity has presented itself to the Truxton community.  With the strength this community has shown time and again, we can bring a school to our community that will bring our communty back into our school.


Charter schools are exciting because they are public, and therefore tuition-free, yet have more flexibility in how they operate.  Charter schools have their own governing board of trustees that makes decisions for that one school, and not for an entire school district.  This makes keeping what's best for that school the priority.


Truxton Academy Charter School would be the first Agri-based, Rural Charter School in New York.  It is important to our community to share with our younger generations the true value of rural living and its place in our future.

What makes Truxton Academy Charter School different?

                  - Project Based Learning with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math elements

                  - Governing board of trustees making decisions for our school only - not the whole district

                  - Strong Community and Parental involvement in our children's education

View our full Charter School Proposal here:

Truxton Academy Charter School Full Application to NYSED
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