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Truxton Academy Charter School Acceptance


October 19, 2018


The Applicant Group for Truxton Academy Charter School is pleased to announce that the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute has voted to support our proposal and has granted a new charter for the creation of an elementary public charter school to be located in Truxton, NY.  The school will be established in the former Hartnett Elementary School building.


This charter will establish the first rural agricultural themed charter school in New York State.  Working closely with the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, the school is scheduled to open in September 2019 with kindergarten, first and second grades.  Enrollment will begin following public notice in the spring of 2019.  All of those families who have already expressed an interest in sending their children will receive an announcement of the enrollment period.


The Board of Trustees is extremely grateful for the amazing and steadfast support of our local communities, businesses, colleges and universities, for the hundreds of letters, calls and financial support on behalf of Truxton Academy.  The Group looks forward to meeting the requirements of the charter, working in co-operation with local school districts and being a great example of educational innovation and excellence in the years to come.


We appreciate your continued support and couldn't have done it without you!

Where futures are grown!

A new educational opportunity has presented itself to the Truxton community, opening FALL 2019.  With the strength this community has shown time and again, we can bring a school to our community that will bring our communty back into our school.


Charter schools are exciting because they are public, and therefore tuition-free, yet have more flexibility in how they operate.  Charter schools have their own governing board of trustees that makes decisions for that one school, and not for an entire school district.  This makes keeping what's best for that school the priority.


Truxton Academy Charter School would be the first Agri-based, Rural Charter School opening grades K thru 2, in New York State.  It is important to our community to share with our younger generations the true value of rural living and its place in our future.



Help now by giving to the campaign! Your tax deductable donation helps  ensure a bright future for the Truxton Academy Charter School.

Why would I choose Truxton Academy Charter School for my child?

"The reasons that parents choose charter schools for their children are just as unique as the students themselves. They choose charter schools because of the strong, dedicated teachers, because the school's focus matches their child’s needs, or simply because their child was struggling in their assigned public school and needed to try something new. Charter schools provide families with options in public education, allowing parents to take a more active role in their child’s education".

What makes Truxton Academy Charter School different?

                  - Project Based Learning with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math elements

                  - Governing board of trustees making decisions for our school only - not the whole district

                  - Strong Community and Parental involvement in our children's education

View our full Charter School Proposal here:

Truxton Academy Charter School Full Application to SUNY CSI 2018
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